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Top Things about Fairmont Singapore That Dazzle You

Fairmont Singapore is not only famous for its dazzling room options and facilities. It is also very successful for its customized services. All staff is very attentive when it comes to specific moments that guests celebrate.

Fairmont Singapore

The Amazing Things about Fairmont Singapore

There are always pleasant surprises from Fairmont Singapore, whether they are for guest members or new ones. Curious to find out about the top things here that make you dazzle?

1. The Smallest Room Is The Spacious Hotel Room Standard

The very spacious lobby might represent the great size of the overall area of the hotel. But, some guests are unaware that the ‘smallest room here has the same size as ‘big rooms’ of most hotels in Singapore. The King room has 45-square-meter wide which it is very spacious and full of big sets of furniture. The King bed here doesn’t look too big in this hotel, even if there is a very big lamp stand table beside it.

Don’t be surprised with the lazy couch that is also very convenient nearby the window. There is a table beside it so you can count on it to place your cup of coffee and some books. Once you finish your relaxing moment at the couch, you can go to the ample working desk nearby the television set that will accommodate your laptop and stationery.

2. Special Surprises

All staff pays attention to details when it comes to guests’ special moments. Birthday guests always get a birthday cake with a fruit basket and a special wish birthday card. The surprises are also available for kids so they get customized gifts and cakes. For honeymooners, also get special packages in their rooms.

3. Exclusive Amenities

Women love to enjoy exclusive amenities, particularly when it comes to toiletries. Don’t worry, Fairmont Singapore understands every woman here than any man in her life! Exclusive amenities within each bathroom include the package of Le Labo toiletries that will pamper her luxury taste during her stay.

4. High Technology Room Equipment

Guests can make the most of the technology from their smartphones to access all facilities here. Ordering menus from restaurants is as simple as scanning the QR code on the menu within every room.

For guests who are used to reading newspapers or magazines, they can access them from the television. Ordering drinks and snacks from the minibar are also as simple as ordering through the smartphones app.

5. Perfect Prices for all Accor Members

For guests who have the Accor, Membership will get the best prices for rooms, restaurants, and the use of various facilities like the gym, spa, and swimming pool. Accor memberships include silver and gold, in which each of them has different rates. They can also enjoy good discounted prices at restaurants here, as well as the ones in Swissotel The Stamford.

If all of those facilities in Fairmont Singapore make you dazzle, then you should directly find the best Singapore hotel deals to stay here. You’ll be surprised at how you enjoy enchanting things within one hotel.

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